We have established our law office based on the values we believe are essential for the stellar client’s experience. Accordingly, our partnerships are built on open communication and transparent terms right from the beginning. 
As the world we live in is constantly evolving we are aware that factual and substantiated advice will not suffice when not delivered rapidly. Additionally, such developments require us to quickly respond to any challenge which arises, therefore utmost flexibility is our priority in client’s relations. We give you the time you need, whether it is 20 minutes or 180 hours a month in addition we do not require any commitments. If you are not quite satisfied, you can cancel our partnership anytime.
We are proud our country offers great business opportunities together with amazing places to live and brilliant minds to work with, although, we notice that it is not always as welcoming as we would have liked, especially when public authorities are involved.
As practicing lawyers, we understand the difficulties foreigners have to overcome when settling down, acquiring a property or just visiting. Even more so, the significant part of the communications and proceedings is required to be held in a language other than the one they speak. 
We value our clients and their efforts, and we understand that even banal issues have a potential to make their life uncomfortable, therefore we are ready to assist you with: