Our team

The rapidly changing environment places even greater demands on the quality of legal services. Individual circumstances should be viewed in a broader context. Our solutions are based on comprehensive legal awareness beyond the framework of our specialisation. We do not live in a bubble and we are fully aware of the fact that every case comprises of many overlapping disciplines and legal areas.

Originality, innovativeness, insight, a wide range of skills, experience and a will to achieve results – these are our basic parameters and demands that we place on every member of our team.

We are a law firm whose team members honour the same professional values and moral principles. Our desire to continually improve, and therefore to provide even better services connects us. Each of us will take care of your affairs with care, passion and joy.

  • Kateřina PščolkováKateřina PščolkováKateřina is attorney-at-law, who has many years of experience in particular in civil and commercial law, real estate law and legal disputes. She also represents her clients in resolving family and labour issues.
  • Radovan HrubýRadovan Hrubý

    Radovan is attorney-at-law and expert in consulting everyday legal issues. He also acts as Legal Counsel in international holding company, where he administers complete legal agenda including provision of the legal management services.

  • Nikola SýkorováNikola Sýkorová
  • Vojtěch Pavlíček Vojtěch Pavlíček
  • Anastasja VištalováAnastasja Vištalová
  • Natalia PugacevskaiaNatalia Pugacevskaia
  • Vendula CízlerováVendula Cízlerová